USA Government Biological Warfare On Its Citizens

Published January 28, 2017 by tindertender

“On what basis of law does the U.S. government of the United States justify the dispersion of a large collection of bacteria over the civilian population in an experiment…without informed consent?”

The list is much longer than what I have here. You will get your cancer and die. It is the government you pay your taxes to that has produced the chemicals, and then sprayed you with them, that caused your illness. They say war on cancer … hogwash, they’ve created that, and MANY more illnesses in order to gain even more of your money to ‘cure’ them.

When you hear the Tribes in North Dakota say they’re testing positive for poison, believe them. I saw the planes spraying over their heads. Day after day, low flying and spraying. This government is not our friend, it has not been our friend … ever.


The above two photos were taken over my house last summer. This is not an unusual site any longer, they are spraying in the atmosphere every day, all over the country. They are the cause of global warming, of poison in the water (lead, barium, mercury, other metals and chemicals). They also spray our food supply with a plethora of toxins.

You think  you are doing anybody any good when you donate to the “cure for cancer” research? The government is causing cancer, then they take your money in medicine costs, and even more in the research to ‘cure’ it. That is not to mention the MANY other diseases caused by the poison they spray us with.

They are now trying to force everyone to take injections of a cocktail of chemicals, in the name of health and safety.

What do you think would happen if people unplugged? What do you think would happen if people decided to go off grid, to treat their own illnesses? We are all poisoned anyway, we will die. Will we willingly eat more of their poison as a treatment before we die? That is the question, we should all be asking ourselves, when is enough, enough?

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The above photo is the bottom of my water distiller after only 3 gallons have been run through it. We ingest this, every day. We feed it to our kids, to our pets, to our livestock.

Can you still question the obvious fact we are being poisoned?

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