Sorrow … It Has Been, Will It End?

Published January 26, 2017 by tindertender

Throughout time we have experienced much sorrow.

I am reminded of getting a scraped knee as a child, and my mother putting that orange methiolate on it, blowing on it to take away the burn as it dried.

Life has been like that.

It burns like the dickens for a time, sears right into our minds, our very core, and then … someone blows on it for awhile to take away the burn. Then right back at it again, searing away the virus, the possible infection, then release for a time.

Much sorrow has indeed come about, much of it man-made. It may seem intentional, and a lot of it is (my personal belief). We are told of course that these ‘happenings’ are for our own good, the good of the country. But we all know who the decision makers serve, and it is not We The People.

When will We The People stand up and say, “You are finished killing us. We have had all we are going to take, and you are not allowed to harm one single more person, or being of any kind. We are finished with your poisons, and allowing you to poison the earth and waters and skies.”

A very small percentage of folks make decisions, and then a larger percentage of folks carry out those decisions. Some do so blindly, believing the lies that the action is for the betterment of the whole. Some do so knowing the lie, yet continue out of a need to inflict harm. And others do so, knowing the lie, yet feel to be a victim without resource, or recourse for any other action, trapped by the loop which involves child care, health care, overall personal safety and safety for family.

When we open our eyes and see the BIG picture, we understand that the smallness of the medical insurance coverage, the benefit payments, do not do anything for the future generations. No, it may assist in the present, but while we are focused there, the future possibilities are stripped from mankind.

Sorrow will continue to be inflicted upon the people, in all nations, until the people rise and say No More.

I believe the majority of people in the world all want the same things.

We want to be recognized as a valuable portion of the whole.
We have something that can benefit life, for ourselves, for others.
We want to love, and to be loved in return.
We want to be free.
We want to work for that which is good.
We want compassion, care, and kindness in the world.
We want fresh waters, clean soils, air unpolluted.

The appreciation we all deserve for our contributions to every single situation we find ourselves in that does indeed benefit the whole, and not harm in any way, is lacking. We are not seeing fully the reality, we are, and have been, programmed by the media and the controls that have been imposed, behind the scenes, and now, blatantly before our very eyes.

We must have courage, and be willing to walk away from comfort. These comforts we rely on can be taken from us at any time, and we could be forced from them. It would be painful, and much easier to simply release them.

It will come to this. I hope you are mentally preparing.

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