Find the love, find the peace

Published January 26, 2017 by tindertender


We need to find the love

and find find the peace

that for so long as been out of reach,

we need to find away to coexist

learn tolerance and start to forgive.

We need to start building bridges

rather than keep burning them down

we need to start making the right kind of sounds

sharing our light which can be found in the soul

placed there by creation and start to mold

ourselves into a humanity that starts to care

rejects xenophobia hate and fear

that’s stands up and says no more war

because love and peace  is the only thing worth fighting for

using our compassion and our intellect

not guns and bombs this has been going on for far to long

it’s time to make a change and the change starts here

the only thing to fear in life is fear.

An eye for and eye will…

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