A Blessing To Guide You Home

Published January 23, 2017 by tindertender

I was just thinking on the word King and how it is nice to hear Divinity being recognized in Man. And then I thought of fear of the king, and how a true king does not require, or have a need for, being feared.

It is my belief that the absence of Love is what is to be feared. When we have shown, time and time again, that we wish no part of the goodness that comes with the King, (you may call Him by many different names), then of course the door eventually shuts, and we will live without this most true love ~ for a time.

Hopefully, we recognize the need for this purity in our lives and we will come back in to Love, the door open once more. But not out of fear of the King, but out of Love for the King, and the knowledge that without the Love of the King, our lives are … Muted? Muddled? Perhaps some might say, Sorry and Unlivable.

Of course we will live with whatever we choose.


It is true at times we are allowed to experience harsh realities. Not as punishment, but as an avenue toward an awakening, a coming together with the One who has always, and will always, love us. Now, please do not think there is only one who loves you, or me, or anyone else, for there are many. Yes, there is a plethora of those in the unseen realms who cheer us on, and encourage us from behinds the scenes.

As many as your imagination allows you, are the numbers for which you have at your side. In freedom, you have the right to choose, and eventually, if not now, you will have the knowledge to choose wisely.

Keep searching.
Your yearning heart is a gift,
A blessing that will guide you home.

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