Never Be Afraid

Published January 21, 2017 by tindertender


Don’t let anyone tell you your reality is an augmented one. When you stand and speak from the truth that is inside of you, no one, and I mean no one, has the right to make you feel less than, or screwed up in some way.

When you strive to do the right thing, to work hard, and speak out against injustice, that is the highest form of strength.

There will be those who attempt to squash your freedom, they will try to convince you there is something “wrong” with you when you speak out about dishonorable, and  stifling “leadership”. There are those who are good at weaving a good ‘story’ and many will believe them.

Do not believe the lies or allow your sense of power to be diminished by an unworthy opponent, or allow yourself to be manipulated.  I do not care what title they have been endowed with, what “label” they walk this world with.

You are worth so much, and when you speak out, you hold your strength in your hands. And you present an example to the world that unrighteousness will not be tolerated.

Do not be afraid.
Stand tall.
Trust yourself.
Things change.
Embrace them.
You are NOT a puppet.

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