Awareness ~ What Will We Choose?

Published January 20, 2017 by tindertender

It is a chilly morning. The furnace froze and blows cold air. It is the morning of the incoming presidents inauguration.  I suppose the two events fit perfectly together, I am thinking we’ll soon find out.

I have caught the cold going around work. My system finally just couldn’t take it any more. It fought well for many months while everyone around me got sick, got well, got sick again, and then passed it on. Fortunately it isn’t too bad yet. Perhaps some zinc and nice healing tea will kick it quickly.

So, back to the inauguration … I got to thinking of all of the beautiful and talented people we look past, every day, moving forward in our daze, going  about our supposed important business. This inauguration is occupying many peoples minds and lives today, and then there is this …

How many beautiful souls are we going to ignore while we allow our emotions to be towed about by someone who wishes nothing more than to create drama in our lives, in fact, in the lives of ALL Americans? And while at it, I may as well say, ALL lives in the world?

Image result for pictures of the earth and tough decisions
It is time to step back, to crawl out of the box that we have had built around us. It is time to start asking the tough questions, and then, to work toward the answers we know to be true … for the health, wealth, and well being of all people. All life. Including that of this very planet earth.

There is great beauty amongst us.
There is great deceit as well.
Let our awareness encompass them both.
Let our hearts, our inner most being, choose what sits well with us,
considering the future of LIFE.

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