God Doesn’t Do Things Partially

Published January 15, 2017 by tindertender

You are worthy of ALL love. Do not let anyone tell you, you are anything but loved and valued. And please, do not believe this and begin to repeat the lie to yourself.

When you are told that someone else, anyone, has the answers or methods to provide you happiness, turn away from them. EVERYTHING you need is already within you. Listen to your own heart, your instinct will lead you in the right direction.

When our actions harm others, or ourselves, the thinking behind it does not come from Love, it does not come from God. I used to do things that were self-sabotaging, and I believed it was okay since I wasn’t hurting anyone else. (Misery can warp a persons reasoning skills).

You see though, when you harm yourself … whether physically, mentally, constantly doing or saying things that degrade you … you ARE hurting others. Because their ARE others who love you, and are pained deeply by your suffering, whether self inflicted or otherwise.

If you do not want to hurt others (some, you are aware of their love, and others, who are afraid, or unwilling at this time to tell you), then please do not hurt yourself any longer.  It is hard, I know. But your presence truly blesses many more people that you are aware of. It is time to start being a blessing to yourself. Allow that love that came into this world with you to come forth.

Joy is your birthright. When you allow it in you, and through you, it is a blessing like none other, for it promotes Love, and Compassion, and Freedom. When you allow this for yourself, you become the blessing the world desperately needs.

You can do this.
You are meant for this.
It is your birthright.
It is your gift,
And it is your gift to the world.

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