Truth ~ The Peace Maker … Eventually

Published January 12, 2017 by tindertender

I have been collecting pictures and quotes that speak Truth to me. Some of them are included here.


Living with honesty, there is nothing hidden, and we can rest with a peace, knowing that what we see, what we are told, is what is real. Of course, life happens and thoughts change, but in the moment, every moment, authenticity ought to be practiced.


In order for the world to heal, we must begin a practice of the 9 things mentioned above. Quiet time spent in contemplation will assist us considerably.


There are no limits, and if you believe there are, then they live in your mind … break the shackles and color OUTSIDE the lines. It is going to be beautiful!


All that we do in our day affects others, whether we are present, or not … aware, or not. When we understand the gravity of this, it will become easier to make choices that promote ease, peace and harmony.


Beginning can be tough, but when we do it in the silence and protection of our inner mind, eliminating judgement from others, then as we become more comfortable, others judgements will fade in importance.

Our Truth will be all we need.



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