Fear of life

Published January 10, 2017 by tindertender

Truth!! So let us turn off the teli and get out there!! Walk straight into the fossilized fear and watch it shatter.


Fear is generated by those who are dictating

the rules of life and work and everything in between.

We allow ourselves to be put on, by our employers in the workplace

through fear of being made redundant or simply replaced

and all the rights we once had, have now all be eroded

there is no one now to fight for you as the unions imploded.

Then when you get home from your daily grind at work

more fear then is heaped, on you through media and  through TV plasma screen,

the state now wants to know the calls and messages you make,

they say they can check your internet history to see just what your doing each day

but most of it is used so they can target you

with ways of parting you from your money with super amazing deals.

Then they ramp up the fear of crime and…

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