Challenges ~ We All Have Them

Published January 9, 2017 by tindertender

Challenges.  We have them every day. And every day they change.

Today, mine was a car coated in ice as I walked out of the house to leave for work. I did get the door to open and I turned the vehicle on, however the latch on the door was stuck in the raised position and I could not shut the door.

This wasn’t my car, but it was frozen shut just the same.

I called, and then texted my senior management team to let them know and was told, good luck, see you tomorrow. Well, about 2:35 this afternoon, it finally thawed enough for me to go out there with a screw driver, and as I pulled the handle, I forced the latch to fall forward. Of course I had to reef on it for a bit. It was suggested that I apply oil to it, and I will, just as soon as I purchase some.

Today, I baked, I distilled more water, I ordered a nice water distiller for the counter and I am looking forward to having the cleanest water possible while living in the city. My home-made one is hard at work right now on the stove.

Challenges … Mine will be resting for the remainder of the afternoon and try to be at peace for a time. There are moments that require at least a small taste of it, and so I will gift myself with that tonight, to the best of my ability.

I hope you are able to gift yourself with a moment or so of peace as well.

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