The World Will Be Saved By …

Published January 8, 2017 by tindertender

You may have heard that the Dali Lama stated the world would be saved by the Western Woman.

I love the Dali Lama, he is a wonderful and kind and generous teacher. I think this statement may have been taken out of context, or misunderstood. I have already seen it re-written to say, the world will be saved by the western women.

Although this is a wonderful idea, it does foster division. We all want to be important, we may have asked why a woman? Why not all women? Why not man, or men?

I am going to tell you what I woke with this morning.

It is not any single human being that will save this world. The truth? It is Divine Nature, God if you will, within ALL HUMANITY, that is going to save this world. As co-creators, we have a role to perform in this arduous task. Many have already become aware that there is something very  big, that has ALWAYS been part of them. This is it folks, this is what we have been waiting for.

Embracing that huge strength and power in us, that has been there before time, that is in union with the Divine, WE will begin (as has already started) making choices that align with peace, with love, with compassion, with cooperation, with assisting each other as a stand is made for the waters, the earth and the air  … for ALL life.

It is quite beautiful as I see God shining from you all as you make conscious and aware choices that support kindness and life. It is like seeing God come into being before my very eyes, yet not in one body, He is shining brightly from your souls, every single one of you.

With this happening, I see that love is increasing. Not just for immediate families, but for friends, and those we have not known, or called friend yet.

Thank you for being here during this special time. The flip of what is ugly, dark and destructive is about to happen, and it is happening due to the amount of love, compassion, care, and integrity shining through each of you … Power straight from Heaven, flowing in and through you.

You, in co-creation with God Himself, are the saviors of this world.
It WILL happen. Sooner than many currently believe.

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