Perspective ~ Everybody Has It

Published January 5, 2017 by tindertender

What is the difference between actually knowing something, and having a perspective?




  1. showing or suggesting that one has knowledge or awareness that is secret or known to only a few people:
    “a knowing smile”

    synonyms: significant · meaningful · eloquent · expressive ·

  2. done in full awareness or consciousness:
    “a knowing breach of the order by the appellants”

    synonyms: deliberate · intentional · conscious · calculated · willful ·

    done on purpose · premeditated · planned · preconceived


  1. the state of being aware or informed.

Something quite interesting happened today. Someone posted a picture of a wolf pack traveling, the same one I posted some time ago. I had a discussion with a Native American as to the validity of the sequence the pack traveled in. I looked up multiple sites and discovered much information.

When this other person posted this today, I mentioned that there was some debate on the validity of the message with the picture in regard pack order when traveling. The response was, “if you read the energy of the pack … blah, blah, blah.” No facts, no knowledge, just an intuitive feeling received from a picture. I suppose that works for some.

I liked the message, don’t get me wrong. It is a little fanciful though, and I found this while reading columns written by experts in the field.

I do get a little agitated when one speaks as an authority, talking down to others, without even a snippet of fact or information to back it, especially by one who has not lived the experience, or is even open to the discussion that could shed light on the matter.

I know a very good energy worker and the truth of what it entails is amazing! There are, however, those who are real, and those who simply talk, going through the motions, putting on a show.

Harsh? Perhaps. I find it difficult to silence myself when someone has a habit of not giving validity to the thoughts each person has to offer, to a situation, or to a subject. Differing ideas on a matter is what makes knowledge grow.

And there you have it … My Perspective.

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