Sleeping Minds Do Not Know

Published January 3, 2017 by tindertender

Poison … Chemicals, Hate, Greed, Pride … these and others have strings attached, we gobble them up and make them part of our daily lives, we are pulled this way and that in our very minds. We are fooled into believing it is good for us, that we need it.

All people have been affected, or rather, infected. We’ve been lied to, fed stories about foods, attitudes, phrases that foster negative beliefs … of ourselves and others. Combined with drugs, legal or illegal, and alcohol, we become easily molded, controlled, manipulated.

Strength ~ There are those who will look at you and tell you how strong you are. You can feel yourself puff up with pride, it goes unchecked, and perhaps your ego starts to feel sure of itself, perhaps a little too sure. Mistakes are made, we don’t see the attack coming, and we fall … hard.

The word strength describes a lie. The word and it’s meaning is a false representation of True Power, an illusion to keep us trapped in the cycle … round and round we go, thinking how strong we are, only to be reminded, at some point, we are mistaken.

The One who holds True Power is authoritative,  loving and kind,  patient and forgiving, gentle … and yet fierce.

As we walk this path, whichever one it happens to be for the moment, we are free to choose what we will do. We decide, with our stubborn and willful ways, how we will live, often ignoring and shunning wise advice. Granted, there are situations which inhibit our ability to do so, yet time shows circumstances shift, and turn, and transform into something new.

We are privileged in this life, we get to wear many hats, and experience many opposites. Not all of them are pleasant, there is no arguing that fact. These are our opportunities to practice the ways of True Power, to develop a loving and kind heart, to work on our patience and learn how to forgive. With these events in life, we find that we become gentler and have greater understanding and compassion for those who travel a path we ourselves have already been on. When injustice is seen, we become protective of those being harmed, for we have been there too … probably in both sets of shoes.

If we are brave, and honest when we look deeply into our heart and mind, when we view our past actions in transparency, we will see that indeed, we have so many shoes … I wonder if they get passed around, from one soul to the other, until we all get it.

As we eliminate toxins, chemical and otherwise, from our whole body system, including the energy we carry and put forth into the world, we begin to take back our freedom, our joy, and our capacity for love.

FIGHT !!!!

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