Affliction … It is a daunting dilemma

Published January 3, 2017 by tindertender

Affliction … It is a daunting dilemma.

For 14 years I have been having an experience. First, I thought God must want me to suffer, because obviously I was living out my own willful, run-away train type of steam roller existence. Until I hit a brick wall, that is.

Over time, I have fought, I have prayed, I have given up hope. Today, still I pray, and I recognize that it is not I who has power to control, and every experience is a necessary step into becoming our full potential. This experience has taught me that there is indeed a purpose. What exactly that is I can only hypothesize.

If you are suffering and questioning the meaning of it all, perhaps it will help a little to read my views, had just recently.

~ Nothing happens without the consent of the One with authority.
~ These conditions are allowed only because they are for benefit.
~ Strength is built through adversity.

Every day is an opportunity to look this  adversity straight in the face and say,

“I will be strong. I will be kind. I will practice making peace from the storm, and I will assist in the unveiling of the cloud that covers minds, even mine. Those that attempt to create doubt in me will be met with a surety that I recognize the opportunity in their actions, and I will see if this behavior resides in me. If so, I will transform it into something that brings a gentle reminder that it is okay to be transparent, vulnerable, and open to judgement. In the face of torment, whether it be in the mind, or in a slave-like labor, I will persist, and I will work to capacity, and then I will push on through and continue.”

We hear that runners and sports enthusiasts of various types, say that it is not a common thing for people to understand they have a second wind, for they never push past the first.

Let us push past this, and on into the future, where hope, and love … for self and for others … dwells. Where the possibility and the awesome plan for wide spread peace is, and let us be part of seeing the success in that plan.

We begin in our own hearts and minds. We look deep into what it is that makes us respond the way we do. If we are in disagreement with this, in the center of our being, we will alter the way we do things. We will be the example of what we believe good and kind people are.

We will withstand the storm, we will walk into the wind, we will prevail against all odds … we will hold love in our hearts and we will forgive the perceived wrongs ~ we will take from every experience the blessing of a lesson and we will turn it into a golden opportunity, to be utilized for the betterment not only of self, but of mankind … of the world.

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