Truth Is Known ~ Let It Be Transformed Into Love

Published January 1, 2017 by tindertender

Brutalization of whole peoples, cultures … and all life that surrounds them, has been a frequent truth in this world. It does not have to be this way.

People ~ You, Me, All … we have the God given right, and free will to exercise the right, to a fear free existence.  We are able, and capable, of choosing Love over everything that is being told us we must do.

No man has the right to strip you of your freedom to choose.

You are responsible, and you alone, for the choices you make. You will stand for one of two things in this reality … Life, or Death.

Those teachings you have learned from the day you were born into this world should be questioned. Look deep within your own center, and feel what is there. Let go of the words of mankind, let go of the pain and the fear, and seek that which is in you holding peace … set it free. It belongs to you, it is your gift to receive, as well as to give.

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