The Value Of Introspection

Published January 1, 2017 by tindertender

Introspection is not widely valued in many societies, but today is a great day to prove this outlook wrong. Reflection keeps us from sleepwalking through life.

The new year is upon us.

Open eyes to see the beauty which is right in front of me as I walk this path. I see others judgements as they flow, and I watch as they move around my body and right on by. I observe actions made and I wonder at insecurities. I look within to see if these same things are hidden in my mind.

They are … and I work diligently to dissolve them.

We are only here for a time. Situations are changing every day, nothing remains the same.  When we find ourselves in an uncomfortable event, or circumstance, we must remember … this too shall pass. Breathe … have patience … pay attention as the experience evolves into another form, another current reality.

truth 5.jpg
It is quite amazing when we are able to step out of passionate emotion and become observer. If we have the strength, we are able to look within and ask questions of ourselves. What triggered that response? Why do I feel so strongly about this? What is the value of my donation to the situation? Is there any? How can I better communicate that will ensure others understand me clearly, with as little work on their end as possible.

It is difficult to make understanding an easy process for others. Too often we know exactly what we are trying to say, yet the language we speak is insufficient. At times it is the language itself, lack of properly descriptive terminology, or maybe it is our lack of knowledge of terminology available to us … to me.

And so … I am determined to push forward in an effort to grow my capacity ~ my capacity to communicate sufficiently, my capacity to make relationship be as smooth as possible. The journey we are on asks that we do our part in making the union of people stronger, easier, more joyful and peaceful, calm. Are we willing and able to step forward into this task?

Let us grow our determination to be part of the bigger reality, the truth of it. Not as governments wish “one world order”, but as the people wish, unity and love, compassion and an effort to assist each other in being more than we were before.

We all know in our very center what is right and good, and what is opposite. Trusting ourselves, and stepping out of the need to be told what to do, and when to do it, is necessary.

We have everything we need within us. We know full well what feels good when it happens to, or for us. If it is good and does not harm, then it is also good for others, and they probably want the same goodness for themselves, and for their loved ones.

We are all family. Through time we have been coerced into believing in separation. This is an illusion. We must break free from the patterns created and begin to form relationship with the truth.

It dwells within you. It is waiting for your recognition.

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