Life ~ Is There More To It?

Published December 30, 2016 by tindertender

What is down that road, beyond that hill? We owe it to ourselves to ask, to check it out. If there is anyone who tells you that change is not possible, that freedom to allow space for new and different experiences is not yours, walk away … or tell them your version of the truth, and then proceed to show them.

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Ask yourself … is there more? If you think there may be, then by all miens expose yourself to the possibility of stretching your capacity. You deserve all things good, however, all things good require hard work and effort, a concentrated acknowledgement of responsibility, and a willingness to step forth and provide your very best effort.

There are no games where truth is concerned. If you like to tell yourself untruths, or make things up in order to be okay with a current situation in your mind … I feel for you, and am sorry. I hope you will understand the affect of this on yourself, and on others you come into contact with.

What holds no monetary value is the most important thing you could ever have in your life. It cannot be bought, it cannot be won or given … it cannot be possessed even, for it flows through all veins, whether they be holding red blood or sap … whether it be the bed that holds the flow of a rivers path or the stream a force of wind may take.


Consider the word. Delve deep into your existence and ask yourself what has had meaning for you. Divide surface experience from those situations that have left scars, scars of all kinds. Look at the two lists and examine them fully. Choose each one, one at a time, and dissect it. Think about it with intention, and then ask yourself what it taught you.

If done correctly, you will work this list for the remainder of life as you walk in this body.

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Learn to recognize them in everything. Every-thing. It may be difficult to see them at first. At times we get so wrapped up in the perception of pain, we cannot see clearly. Fear of continued pain may hold us back from stepping into our truth.


All life is beautiful. Some versions may be plastered with a disguise which makes it seem to be something other than this. Addiction, anger, fear, pain, suffering of all kinds … these zapping things prevent us from attaining courage, deep and profound and true courage … freedom to be.

Know one thing

You are loved on a level that you may not be aware of yet. You are always supported, encouragement and strength supplied you when you need it most ~ strongest is the fact you will never be abandoned, never … what you may see and know with the five senses will alter and shift and mold into new beginnings and then fade into endings, yet the truth of life will always hold for you something so special, words will never express it sufficiently.

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Connect with what you feel to be true. Not truth as your intellect tells you, but truth as you feel it to be. Listen to your body, the force within your earthy system, your house of flesh and bone, speaks not in words … have faith in your ability to discern reality and what it means.

You will see it.
You will sense it.

You will recognize it.
You will know it.

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