Eternal Energies of Life ~ Co-creation

Published December 26, 2016 by tindertender

Lines of Energy

Look at the palm of your hand and pretend for a moment that your hand is an asana, a yoga posture. The center of your palm is the center of the posture, and radiating outward from the center like rays of light from the center of the sun are five lines of energy, your fingers. Now gently, slowly, almost imperceptibly, spread your fingers as much as you comfortably can and stretch outward through them in the various directions they are pointing. Experience your hand as a mini-sun and feel the energy in your hand radiating outward from the center of the palm. Keep your hand as relaxed as possible as you do this, sustain the action, and feel your whole hand remolding itself to this new shape – this new energy configuration – by allowing the stretch to penetrate …

… Now, as a living being, you are an expression, a channel, a particular configuration or pattern of energy, of creative life force. You are a unique Expression of the Creator, and life force flows through you. Life force, or Mind, or Consciousness, is what you are. It is the reason for your being, the how and what of your being. Energy flows through you, enlivens you, and makes you you. And if the flow of energy becomes obstructed or lessened for any reason, much like diminished blood flow due to arterial constriction, then your health will suffer and problems will arise. If the flow remains unimpeded, however, if the channels can remain open, health is natural and easy …

… The most important line of energy in every posture, always, is your spine. Your spine is rooted in your center and grows upward, much like a tree growing upward from the earth. Other lines, your arm lines, for example, are also rooted in your center. Your arm lines do not start at the shoulders. They start at the root of your spine, travel up the spine first, and then extend outward through the arms, like branches of a tree. They are not separate appendages somehow disconnected from their source. Every line of energy is an affirmation of its source. The source is your center.

Single Arm Line of Energy


Sit comfortably erect and raise one arm to the side, parallel to the floor and straight. Keep your arm as relaxed as possible without allowing it to fall limply to your side. Experience your arm, how heavy it feels, how long it feels, how much energy is required to keep it there. Note, for example, that although your arm is not totally relaxed, it is as relaxed as possible.

Now gently squeeze the elbow straight, spread your fingers fully, and stretch outward through the arm in the direction it is pointing. From your shoulder, stretch toward the elbow; from your elbow, stretch toward the wrist; and from the wrist, stretch through your hand to the tips of your outstretched fingers and beyond. Feel a dynamic tautness in the muscles of your upper arm and hand.

This is a “line of energy,” a flowing stream of intention, extending from the shoulder to the fingertips. The muscles of the arm and hand should be taut enough to be on the verge of a slight tremor. Push softly and then harder. Note the change in feeling. Relax the fingers for a moment and observe how this interrupts the flow through your line of energy. Make the hand taut, fingers spread, and once again feel the energy moving through the arm in a single direction, always in the direction the arm is already pointing. Lower your arm and rest.

Please visit the above link for further detail and practice instructions.

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