Save Tibet

Published December 23, 2016 by tindertender

It is happening everywhere. The elite do not want free thinkers.


China is doing to Tibet

What Hitler did to the Jews,

Why does not one stop this

Are there different rules,

Never see report in the medai or news,

Ethnic and cultural cleansing of a nation

Should be huge.

Tearing down training centers for training monks,

Pulling down nuns houses is such an affront

And many dissappear to be tortured

For their views,

Never seen again and this still don’t make the new

Self immolation is used as a desperate plea,
Away of saying to the world see how the Chinese,

Blatantly infringe human rights

And commit crimes against humanity

See Tibet plight.

They are trying to eliminate the Buddhist ways

Committing so many wrongs with the games they play,

It’s time to make a stand like we did with the 3rd Reich,

It’s time to make a stand and do what’s right,

By Tibet and it’s people like we…

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