Life ~ Walking The Walk

Published December 20, 2016 by tindertender

Life ~ The journey is a fire walk which cures the soul and makes us strong enough for even the toughest battle … to come.

When we feel weak, when we stumble or fall, even when we find ourselves sliding face down on the pavement for awhile, we always get up and walk again, to feel the sun, and rest for a bit.

To and fro we go on this path, ping ponging from one extreme to another. I am fortunate, I have lived long enough to see the decrease in the time it takes to go from one edge to the other, the severity lessening as I become accustomed to change.

Nothing remains the same.

Learning to let go of what comes is a gift of a lesson, release … permanence is not found here on this plane. There are things that make life more comfortable, but at what cost? It seems the more gadgets we have, the more ‘stuff’ we collect, the tighter the bonds become on our soul, at least, I feel the constriction of it all, perhaps you do not.

Don’t get me wrong. I love stuff. I love sitting by a nice fire with pups in my lap drinking hot tea and listening to soft, wordless music in candlelight. I love sitting at the canvas and letting paint flow from my brush as I let my mind relax. I love warm comfort, and I love working hard to gain wages that permit me to purchase the things that make this life … comfortable.

Image result for pictures of nature connection
I think back into earlier years where the family did not have anything much. We had an outhouse, bathed in the freezing waters, melted snow in winter to wash dishes and body. It was hard work. I did not enjoy it at the time. Hauling brush and burning the piles, trimming the swamp growth, and carrying rocks to set a foundation barrier under the home, among many other things. Looking back, I see that I slept soundly listening to the river flow by, and crickets and frogs and wind.

The connection has been lost.

Since moving to the city (years ago) connection to nature has been lost. I crave it. A walk in the park isn’t really the same as there are always plenty of people, chatting, laughing … people noise, car noise, as traffic passes by.

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