The Soul Knows

Published December 16, 2016 by tindertender

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The snow falls. The streets have become packed and white, slippery as temperatures fall into the evening.

I sit, home now, in front of the fire, two pups in my lap, candle light fills the room and I hear the snap crackle of the wood popping. The smoke of  incense burning passes by my face every now and again. I drink my home brewed tea, naturally decaffeinated. It tastes unique as it is blended from bulk herbs and woods and flowers.

I relax into the night, hoping I will rise in the morning to see a fresh blanket of snow, without footprints or tire tracks. I am comforted knowing there will be no where to go, of being settled in for two days, and ponder what I will fill my time with.

Who am I? I wonder at this, as I wait for the time to come when all knowledge I have collected will be put to work, when the task I have been born for comes to be. What is it? Whatever it is, it requires stamina, endurance, an attitude of fortitude, never giving up and pushing through challenges, all the while practicing a calm demeanor and the ability to forgive quickly and not hold grudges. It must be, for these things have been a constant practice thus far. Every day I find myself challenged to hold that peace of mind and the unwillingness to put harmful energies into the world, forcing those in my vicinity to don the garments of negativity that may emanate from me. No, I would rather share the warmth of peace, unseen, but felt.

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I think of those in North Dakota. It seems quieter now, it is very cold there. The massive eye opening that occurred due to the stance taken seems almost unreal, yet there is no going back, many have awakened to the reality, the wool has been lifted from our faces.

So ~ now what. Do we wait? Of course we do, what other options are there? Let us continue to be aware, to observe events taking place, to be watchful of signs.

Let us be ready for the seemingly unexpected, although our soul knows exactly what’s coming.



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