Thousands of Geese Die After Landing in Toxic Montana Pit Mine

Published December 12, 2016 by tindertender

Toxic Pit in Montana kills thousands. Why oh why are we doing things that kill life? We wage war on people we do not know for reasons we are told by governments, who have been proven untrustworthy. Men and women die for lies and power trips. We mine minerals from the earth for profit at the cost of contaminating waters and killing animal life dependent on them. We put oil pipelines under ground and river for gain of money via exportation of the resources.

None of these things are done with the welfare of humanity or animal or plant life in mind. It is not done in consideration of the degradation of land and water and air. It is solely done for profit. The minerals and oils are not even for the people of the regions. It is for export while those living there are starved and denied clean water and air. Many times their homes and crop lands are flooded and they are forced to find somewhere else to live, forced to start over with nothing.

If you really open your eyes to the facts of what has been happening, and what is happening now, you can see, plain as day, the evil that lurked in the shadows robbing you of your funds, your clean water earth and foods, has come to the open, right in plain site, to continue doing what they have always done. All the while metals are blown into the sky which hold the heat in and cause warming of the planet.

Governments and law enforcement will not stop them, they are all intertwined and connected.

Do you believe life is not being purposefully exterminated? 

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