After All This Time – Dreams ….

Published December 12, 2016 by tindertender

After all these years, 13 as of November 5th to be exact, of no drinking, I still have dreams.

Last night I dreamt of 2 women. One was telling me of a new beginning. I asked her if I was going to get a new body and she replied yes, but that I wouldn’t be asleep for it. I said that is fine. The other said I will need to break up with my ‘boyfriend’. I questioned that, I will have to break up with my boyfriend? She replied, yes.

I found myself in a restaurant / bar. I was wearing a dress, apparently my ‘boyfriend’ was going to be there. The bar tender came to me with a beer and said his uncle was going to buy my seconds, all of them. I asked him to tell him thank you.

Later I was walking past and this uncle wanted me to sit by him, actually, between him and his wife. I stood at the bar. He came up and was quite mad about this. I told him I do not sit between any man and his wife, I don’t care who he is. He became furious, yelling at me. I moved away from the bar and faced him, shoulders square. The bartender and another man came to move the uncle away.

I think the ‘boyfriend’ came in after that, and it became clear to me that they were all together, of the same mind and mentality. I thought, no wonder I need to break up with my boyfriend. I woke up.

It is strange indeed how the subconscious mind keeps attempting to pull a person back into the past, trying to control us. Who is it gaining access to this subconscious as I sleep, and why are they trying so hard to keep me from extracting myself completely from that mess that was once my life?

I am smiling this morning, knowing that when I stand firm in the separation process from the ‘boyfriend’ and those he is with, all will be well.

I am excited for the future.

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