Bad Happiness (Malegria)

Published December 11, 2016 by tindertender

“The affinities of all the beings of the same class have sometimes been represented by a great tree… As buds give rise by growth to fresh buds, and these if vigorous, branch out and overtop on all sides many a feebler branch, so by generation I believe it has been with the great Tree of Life, which fills with its dead and broken branches the crust of the earth, and covers the surface with its ever branching and beautiful ramifications.”
~ Charles Darwin, 1859

I woke this morning with the word ‘melagria’ in mind. I begin to investigate possible meanings, curious. The above is a link from a site titled Tree of Life Web project. Fascinating really. I continue to look deeper into possibilities …

Here is also a link for a street artist in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

The below includes a google translation of the lullaby, Malegria, or Bad Happiness. I have included part one of this documentary, although I cannot speak the language, perhaps some of you can. After viewing three videos, parts 1, 2 & 3, I see much suffering.

Lullaby. Documentary about the life of Manu Chao by Marcelo Martin and Daniel ten Cuban filmmakers. According to Manu, the Lullaby is “esa sweet and sour at the same time emotion that when joy and melancholy merge into a single feeling, when everything seems to go well, but not as we would like. It is what you feel when the woman that you love is on your side, but you know that he is happy, or when a loved one dies, but it will not suffer. For us not everything is OK, but as much as we want, could not be better. Before that, the best is to make the idea, resignarse “.” In other words, “la defense of joy over the lagrimas”. “

Bad happiness (Malegria)

Down the street from disappointment
This morning I pass
with Lullaby again
By the street of the fiasco
My Lullaby drunk
inside a glass of sherry
When you talk to me…
Down the street from disappointment
tomorrow paseare
with Lullaby again
Down the street from disappointment
My Lullaby ahogare
inside a glass of sherry
When you talk to me…
Aliviame, maria, aliviame
give me another kiss from jerez
tomorrow will repay you
Your laugh makes me laugh
your heat gives me value
give me another kiss of liquor
When you talk to me…

I was feeling much compassion for what I found, and then I happened upon this posts final site for investigation on the word. I will not list it here.

There were many beautiful photos, yet I was quite disappointed by the final one of the blog. There is much suffering in the whole world, and we, as people, continue to lash out and attack one another with hateful speech and action. It comes from all sides and angles. Many view each other with pain spewing from hearts in a hurtful manner, perpetuating pain, over and over again … and it will never end until we make a conscious choice not to participate in hateful rhetoric of any kind.

I will end the search for meaning of the word. Please let us practice developing an open mind with a willingness to understand, or at least try, the pain which has caused much outburst and retaliation in the world, and then, choose not to grow that pain into something more.

If we truly desire peace, and I believe we all do, then we must stop participating in orders or desires to attack each other. We have been programmed with a separation ‘dream’, and the fact is, we are not different … we are the same. Our suffering will appear in different forms, yet it is still suffering. It is necessary for us to recognize and acknowledge this, and then to help each other heal.

We must stop hurting each other. It is the only way to harmonious living, and ALL life is worthy of this.

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