Published November 27, 2016 by tindertender

Mother Nature does have tears in her eyes. And so do many people around the world. Greed of the powerful has destroyed so much, and we still follow them and do their will. I do not understand how a free man and a free woman will allow themselves to be used as destroyers of the essence of life.

There are contracts signed and oaths taken, I know this. But when those oaths and contracts are utilized to abuse and eliminate life … not just people and animals … but life on this planet, then I honestly think they become null and void.

There are so many good men and women who find themselves bound in some way to a force that controls them, that threatens their families and the structure of their life. I understand the hesitancy in standing up, fully, in the integrity  that is within hearts and minds, but if they do not … then there simply will not be anything left for the children, and like the dinosaur and so many species on the planet, we will go extinct.

The only ones left will be those who have stolen our wages and built havens to wait it all out.

The thought of it is so disturbing, because they will only continue to destroy what remains, as self proclaimed gods.


  • I love the song and message so much! Humanity must come together in a respectful manner. All people have so much to offer each other when done out of love and respect, we can learn especially from the indigenous peoples who have had to do with less because they were forced to. Creative and wise they prevailed through atrocity and still have love in their hearts. I hope people who were blinded begin to see and acknowledge the truth of it. Thank you for your song. It is very beautiful. Many are becoming aware and are embracing the right to live a free life void of corrupt abuse. Standing Rock and all who have been reporting to us LIVE are blessing the people of the world with their perseverance.


  • When I wrote “Mother Nature has Tears in her Eyes” it was to bring awareness to the world of What’s happening in Standing Rock which is sad and wrong. Please stand by our brothers. Don’t let the government take advantage of the Native Americans again. After all we lost the first war, and gained nothing by it.

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