Jane Fonda’s Unforgivable Mistake

Published November 25, 2016 by tindertender

The Native Brothers and Sisters have told us … The only thing that will heal the planet and all life on it, is Love. It is so important that anger be released.

We know very well now, it is true, the US Government has been creating “enemies” for centuries. They have been abusing the American people, lying and manipulating them, so they would go fight these battles for freedom, and they maintained the reins, steering the masses in the direction they chose.

Now though, they are abusing the very people the military has sworn to protect. They cannot lie any longer about the abuse, and the attempted manipulation.

Veterans, please go deep into your hearts, feel fully the pain you may carry, the anger, and transmute it into something more powerful … forgiveness and love. It will be hard, maybe one of the hardest things you have ever done.

I had not seen this video before. She is demonstrating the same shocked outrage that so many of us feel today.

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