Prophecy by Elder St. Paisius the Athonite.

Published November 24, 2016 by tindertender

Brief information about the life of Elder Paisius
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (in the world Arseny Eznepidis) Farasah born in Cappadocia, Asia Minor, July 25, 1924 on the day of Saint Anne, of pious parents. He was baptized August 7, 1924 holy Arseny Cappadocian, who gave him his baptismal name. As a kid really wanted to be a monk. Prior to military service he worked as a carpenter, as our Lord, when he was on earth. In 1945 he was drafted into the army and served as a radio operator. In 1949, he graduated from the service and immediately went to the Holy Mountain. In 1950 he came to the monastery Esfigmen.

There, in 1954, took the name rassophore Averky. In the same year went to the sacred domain Filofei monashestvoval where his uncle. In 1956 he was ordained to the minor schema named in honor of Metropolitan Paisios Cesarean Paisius II, with whom they were compatriots (and he came out Farasy Cappadocia). In 1958, after receiving the notice of God, went to Mount Athos in the sacred domain of Nativity in Stomio Konitskoy. There it by the grace of God has helped thousands of souls, and from there in 1962, went for some spiritual reasons to Sinai.

At Sinai, he lived in the cell of the holy and Galaktion Epistimii. Returned to the Holy Mountain in 1964 and settled in the Iberian monastery, at the cell of the Holy Archangels. In 1966 he became ill and was treated for several months in the hospital, where he was taken away much of the lung. Being in the monastery Stavronikita was close to the famous confessor o.Tihonu, came from Russia and had many spiritual gifts. Elder served him with great self-sacrifice, offering any help as needed. Elder Paisios o.Tihona settled at will (after his death) in his cell of the Holy Cross, where he lived until 1979, after he came to the sacred domain Kutlumush and settled in his cell Panaguda.

In Panagude Elder helped thousands of souls. All day from sunrise to sunset counseled, consoled, problem solving, cast all restraint and soul filled with faith, hope and love of God. Suffered severely from the various diseases that bore with great patience and fortitude. October 22, Old Style (November 5 new) in 1993 went for the last time from the Holy Mountain, and went to St. isihastiry. St. John the Evangelist in Suroti present, as usual, on the vigil feast of Saint Arsenius, who is revered on November 10.

Due to illness had to stay there and on Tuesday July 12, 1994 at 11:00 am Elder gave his soul to the nun quietly and humbly to the Lord, who so loved and served from his youth. Was buried in the monastery of St. John the Divine in Suroti Thessalonica. Leave the commandment not to pull it out of the power of the earth until the Second Coming.

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