The Earth Weeps, Will You Help Her?

Published November 22, 2016 by tindertender

Mother Gaia

“There is a theme going on I have observed of the masculine against the feminine energies. These bullets are also quite phallic as was the continuous spraying of us with streams of water last night. This stand for the earth is about empowering the feminine because the masculine has dominated for millennia. When people disconnected from honoring the feminine energies of creation and harmony, people began acting more destructive to the earth. The masculine expression of dominance and taking has become imbalanced in the world. The laying of a pipeline to steal the nectar of oil from the earths body is also symbolic of the masculine raping the feminine. We are here to remind people to honor Mother Earth and the sacred water.

We are born in the water and women monthly shed blood which has water in it. The water carries the meaning of emotions in many traditions. The water is often portrayed as feminine and the fire as masculine. These energies are within each one of us, they are not limited by the gender of bodies, this is a deeper and more abstract presence of opposites, duality. May we return to balance among all of these energies and elements.”

Lolly Bee, Standing Rock Stories ~

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