The Universe Only Speaks Frequency/Vibration

Published November 20, 2016 by tindertender

“Contrary to popular opinion, the most powerful “hard” science influencing society, politics, and economics is behavioral science. This generally neglected fact enables advertising agencies, social engineers, marketing firms, and the persuasive media, to direct people, like cattle, most profitably.”

I went to a sound bath last night. The practitioner has probably 20 or so singing bowls, Tibetan and Crystal. She also has chimes and other varieties of tonal vibration makers.

She played for an hour, and it is a tuning of the bodies energies that takes place. Sleep was good, as it usually is after one of these events.

When we speak, when we sing … if we place our hand flat to our chest we can feel this vibration emanating from us. The spoken word is very powerful. What we speak has a frequency, of healing, or of destruction. Be aware, and promote that which you want for your life, for the lives of your mother, father, brothers & sisters, your children. Practice this love, and push it out from you to the world.

This existence is not a small thing. It is not about fighting and winning battles, it is not about forcing another to bend to your will. True power comes to those who look deeply into their own hearts and do what is good for the whole.

Governments, or bodies of “leadership” may have you believing things are a certain way. Now is the time to break habits … of thoughts, of actions, of beliefs and diets … We have the ability to retrain our minds, to become that which we know in our hearts is good and true.

Yes, you are powerful. This power is within you. When it is wielded properly, goodness flows and spreads like a wildfire out of control …

… The only fire that is good for the world.

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