The Universe “Does” Revolve Around You

Published November 12, 2016 by tindertender

At about 4:30pm tonight, my stomach got all jittery, this usually signifies something is not going well.

I understand there are still marches going on in town. I have seen the enforcement being sent in to handle this. I understand the frustrations, however, the demonstrations affect other citizens, just trying to get home to their family, their children, their pets.


Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter

I wonder if the protesters have asked themselves, who is it they are trying to punish, to get a point across to? Getting a point across, using the schedules, and time of other people, time they need to care for their families, is not a peaceful way.

Soon, the ones you are angry with simply watch, as the ones who you disrespect, as I said, by not allowing them to go home after a long day to tend their family, you will find yourself in a spat with people you are not even upset about. But they will be upset, because you have stolen their time.

This morning, I heard 4 people were shot last night. I hope things go better tonight, and if not, I hope people try to consider other civilians time is as valuable as theirs, to do with as they please, without impediment.

Peace begins within. And it is apparent there are a very BIG number of people who do not give a care about practicing this art. So it appears they live in a Hell. A Hell of their choosing.

So, since you are free, and we don’t always get what we want, let us try to work together as adults … come up with positive programs, ideas, band together as one, just like Standing Rock, and instead of spewing hate, Pray Out Loud for Love to be Laid in ALL hearts.

Be safe, go deep into your heart, and find your triggers. Master them, so you are the only one who gets to turn them on and off.

By the way … The Universe DOES revolve around you. Every single one of you are at the center of your point in the Universe. What vibe are you emoting? What ripples do you leave in the water? They’ll be touching someone else’s ripples … Do you want to grow harmony? Or anger? Your energy is so strong you influence people …

Don’t we all want to live? In peace? If so … Why Are We Growing Anger??

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