My Vision Of The Future

Published November 3, 2016 by tindertender

40602244-a-native-american-teepee-in-a-wooded-clearingAs a young person I heard stories, I saw movies, of history. Tribes across the nation travelled to climates that offered what daily living required. Mobile homes, in the original sense, were utilized then, as they still are today. However then, there were no invisible boundaries.

I foresee what they already know. Evil is rampant in the world, and the evil ones who have taken bodily form hold positions of power, and their goal is extermination.

The unseen is manifesting, and folks are not aware, they are naive, and perhaps frightened of this truth.

When the waters seem to be dead, when the lands appear to be unable to bear fruit,images-5 the original peoples all around the world will be here still. They will be here, and they will teach those who remain a better way of living.

When I was growing, I had 3 different men that played role of breadwinner, or supporter, or whatever you want to call them. Yes, that seems to be what we get in America, more often than not. The third said something to me that stuck so firmly in my mind. He said … “It takes a brave man to go into battle, but it takes an even stronger man to walk away from one.”

suntzu383158The lessons the original people of this land are teaching us are very clear truths. They have shown us, in such a way that we can no longer deny, evil reeks and is wearing suits, body armor, and weilds weapons, using them on peaceful people.

It is hard to watch everything you have been told is yours, ripped from you, stolen, without remorse. It is hard to realize that those who were trusted, snear their mouths and faces in a contortion hardly recognizable and do harm, as if they enjoy it. Yet, the ones who are allowing us to see the true colors of these people, are blessing us … putting themselves in harms way, allowing us to see clearly.

I find it rather funny, not haha funny, but in an ironic knowing, that those doing harm, are the ones who will perish. Many will die, but the ones assisting us in the opening of our eyes will prevail. I know the blessings, at the end of this, will far out-way the struggles.images-6

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be witness to the goodness of those who have been betrayed time and time again. They are still peaceful and willing to work with evil, already knowing dark souls will not listen. But WE do, WE see. And WE believe them when they tell us their truths. They do not lie. They are an honorable people.

We can only hope that we will be fortunate enough to live in a day that includes the love, the kindness, and the teachings of a respectful, honorable people … those who would rather lift their brothers and sisters, because as a unit, this only makes a family stronger.

In the future, we will be as one. Not as a “One World Order” as the suits have been trying to push, but as a Forest, connected at the roots, drinking of the knowledge of each other as a life giving river, unpolluted by poisonous dribble from killers.

Image result for free pictures of peaceI pray I will be part of this day coming, these times of peace.

I experience so many thoughts and emotions as I watch this line being drawn, the line that distinctly divides evil, and good. It is true, it should be swift when the time comes, for there will be on one side those who cherish life and goodness, and there will be those on the other, who do not.

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