Loving Community Waits

Published August 30, 2016 by tindertender

Image result for communityI am so happy community gathers twice a week. I am also very grateful for the meet-ups on others days. I dig deep for connection to that which nourishes my soul.

Soon I am hoping people become accustomed to me and reach for that hug, that healing embrace. It was mentioned last service that not everyone likes to be hugged … I miss that about the community I left behind.Image result for change

At times in life we find ourselves in situations that are very different from one another. Situations change … we change … We have new beginnings frequently, we get to choose how it is we will think, respond to circumstances, live our lives.

This reality we are in is created by our mindset, what we allow and what we intend. Caring gently for our own mind, our own heart is so important. We must build that inner strength, if we choose not to, we will not be equipped to assist others on their path.

Today I have chosen to work intently. Today I choose to view the world with an observant mind. Today I choose to have a compassionate heart. Today I choose to nourish my soul. I breathe in … I exhale … I relax.

I watch as people around me live, I pay attention to their movements, to what they say. I notice the sensation I feel as they near me, or speak to me, or to someone within hearing range. I trust my intuition. I trust my Guardian, Guides and Angels.

Fear will not own me.

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