Lay Down Your Fears

Published August 14, 2016 by tindertender

A few words from Darpans Lay Down.

It’s a hell of a world that we live in, and I don’t know if it’s right. But I still go to sleep here every night … the further you go, the bigger gets the fire.
It’s a beautiful thing to remember … how we felt before this all went wild.

Remember todays message, even though you did not hear it with your own ears, it is very good.

Do a self check on your emotions, and the ~ paying attention to ~ that you are doing. It is a 20% inside job, and an 80% outside job? Here, I am talking of the inner self. If you find you are always agitated, perhaps this balance … is not balanced … and some shifting is in store.

People make us believe through our growing process that life is about an area, a space … and here you will spend your life.

We are so much more than this. Let the bull___ go … focus on the thoughts that are coming from you. This is the energy that you are putting in the world. Now imagine 100 or 1000 you’s with this same energetic output. You are all standing in a small room … what does it feel like? Do you wish to change that energy?

Put your right hand over your heart. Feel your body move, the very minute and inner movements.

You can travel past your wildest dreams. Coming from your heart center, open and free … transparent … Hold yourself firm, as the tallest and oldest and stongest tree of the forest. Imagine your roots connecting to everything in the forest, one tree and plant to the next, to the next, never ending.

Yes, this is you.
Love, light and celebration.

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