Early rising, forcefully returned to bed by the pups, and thoughts on God

Published July 6, 2016 by tindertender

I awake before 4am, I am rested however my mind was asking all kinds of questions just before rising. I do not remember them now …

I come to the main room of the house and light candles and incense. This is my favorite time. Soft music playing …

I am fortunate. This could change in an instant, I am fully aware, so I enjoy while I am able, this time.

We all have the thing we love most. Being alone waking to a fresh cup of coffee, being with family, children giggling and bouncing all around, family old and young surrounding us as we begin the process of morning nourishment. Busy, busy …

I sit and wonder, where are you, Man on the Mountain? Are you still watching over me? Are you still mine? I hope so, this thought is one that helps me through the days.

It is so funny how my dogs want to go back to bed, but they look at me as though I should come too. Well, I suppose I will appease them … Oh my kids are so funny! One under the covers at my feet, the other over there cleaning the sheets, although they are not that dirty. She does that with the chair too, she’ll just lick the arm of it. Not the best conditions for the chair, but this is home, where we do these kinds of things.

I can say I am happy. In less than a month, I have had my husband leave me after 9 years (although I understand his need to find himself after what has happened in his life), I have been in 2 car wrecks, one which totaled my car, and as I got replacement pay and purchased another, less than 2 weeks and it too was in a collision, which is under investigation now. The car is in the shop, perhaps repairable this time.

I am Guarded though, because I am still here, with my pups, in this new home, and mom is coming. Oh how I hope she stays, it would be nice to have her here. Yes, it would be some getting used to after not living together for 33 years, but it will be good. I would like it if we could help each other, and spend time loving each other.

My room-mate will be painting the apartment out back today, tearing out carpet, getting it ready for dwelling. I am happy for him too, for he has had his own challenges over the past years, and we can help each other, all the while helping the owner of the home. Of course he will have a different key than the main house. It is it’s own little apartment, and this is my house. However, mom has made it clear, she wants her key to this house when she comes …. and I have it ready for her. And her room is almost ready too.

We have appointments for Saturday to get tattoos. Paul has agreed to give us both time slots for 11am. It’s going to be great. I am sure Tony and his boys will be working away on his apartment, he wants to move in soon.

I like this poem …

So yes, today and the near future looks very good. I will go to a job I love, and I will then attend physical therapy for the first accident. I do not think I have any injury from the second but for a sore left wrist. Weird.

I just had to holler at my dog to stop licking stuff. Geesh! Crazy Dog!

I wish you a very fine day. And if things don’t seem to be going right, I wish you a very fine attitude of a turnaround, and abundant future.

One more thought … I wonder, often, when will it be my turn to see the King? When will I get to go home? I must be here for a reason, and as an honor to God’s allowing me here still, I must figure out, or at least be the best I can be while I remain. It is my duty … not because I have to, but because I love God, and I am loved in return … and so are you.


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