In silence lies the answer

Published June 28, 2016 by tindertender

In your silence lies the answer. The future for us is not … there isn’t anything there. I need to stop trying.

I am faced with silence every time, even when it logically makes the most sense. You must really dislike me, or perhaps it is yourself you really dislike. At any rate, I give up. I give in. You win your silent existence and I will move on.

I must you see, for every time I reach for you and am repelled it causes pain, the reasoning behind this whole ordeal remains a mystery, for as of this moment and day, the reality of it has not been uttered from your lips. Perhaps I will never know. But to remain connected and open to this compassionless pain is idiotic!

I certainly would not beat myself over the head with a hard object, so why am I opening my innermost self, only to have it trampled, silently, over and over … my efforts rejected.

The end has come. July 1st is the beginning of finality.

A true good bye and farewell. It must be so. I am sad for you, because I do not think it will ever be any different, for you. As my life moves forward and flourishes, there you will be. Instead of riding the wind with me, you stand still … mute … barely breathing.

And so it is …

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