Transmute your experience, live fully

Published June 7, 2016 by tindertender

Sleep has been restless and strange. The life I lead while unconscious is a unique and different one. At this moment I do not recall what it was, however I do know I was very active. So tell me, if we are so busy in the night, do we actually sleep? Or is it our body simply rests while our minds continue to live, this strange and double life, so different than the one we lead during the day. The older I become, the more I realize living is a constant thing, the difference between awake and asleep blends.

Life is good. It has changed significantly from the begining of May, and although confusion and a bit of emotional pain occurred, as well as physical body trauma, it is best and very good for all parties. Options and doors remain open for all involved and blessings are had by us, as we find our way.

Allowing each other to grow and adjust to life as it happens is so important, and needed as we continue to care for and love each other. Sometimes space and time apart are needed to collect our thoughts and become familiar once again with the way we choose to dwell in our daily activities. Whatever happens, whatever all parties decide they need to be happy is good. Staying out of “my needs” and “my wants” is difficult as I consider another’s needs and wants. It is vital … just as vital to become good listeners, while we actively consider those apart from us.

Getting in touch with who we are, apart from others, listening to and feeling everything that is part of us without outside stimuli and interference is needed occasionally, so we may be more authentic and true to ourselves. This enables us to be more fully present and whole in our daily lives.

The world is a very large place. Life is so much more than my job, my house, my food, my activity. It has been awhile since I sat quietly, sensing my inner body, moving past my skin to the air around me, and then moving beyond … to you, to the next building, to my state and other states, and countries. My sister is experiencing the beginnings of winter, just as I am experiencing the scorching sun and temperatures of 100 degrees F. So it becomes a bit easier to imagine that the cycles of life are all happening at once in various areas of the world. The seasons of the world, and the seasons of our physical being and the levels of mental clarity we have at different stages of time.

Take time today, every day if you can, and stop … just let yourself sense life. Feel it as it flows. I am in a new area and need to get in touch with what is available to me here for spiritual growth. New beginnings happen every day for us all. New surroundings, new environments, these require effort and adjustment. Stepping out and shedding our skin so to speak, starting over. And yet it is a simple continuation of this life.

Change can be a little uncomfortable, it can cause upset, upheaval, complete alteration of what we have become accustomed to. Know that it is good. It is good to have a reset. Look at life from a new perspective. Don’t blame anyone for your unease. Embrace it, this is what is so precious about our experience. We learn to adapt and accept and in so doing we expand and become more than we were before. It is a blessing.

If you perceive obstacles, become a hurdler, and jump them, move them, transmute them. Practice … you will become so good at this! Today, this is what I will do. Situations will be looked at deeply, taken apart thread by thread and discovered for what they truly are. I hope. I try. And I will appreciate every part of it.


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