You decide. Who is it that will eat your fear? You? Or an energetic vampire? It’s yours, and it’s your call.

Published June 3, 2016 by tindertender

I can now say from experience that mixing pain medicine and Coca-Cola and then taking a nap early in the afternoon is not a good combination. The boyfriend I had at the age of 15 to 18, who the first year seemed like a prince, certainly was … a prince of darkness … when the next 2 years he proceeded to beat the hell out of me. Then tried to kill me numerous times when I tried to escape him. Yes, he returned to visit me in my nightmare just now, and wow, that was not good! Isn’t it crazy how some think it is beneficial and appropriate to torment another … for what? The sake of their own ego? The sake of trying to manipulate and control? Does it make a tormentor feel strong and viral to feed off someone’s fear? It certainly speaks volumes about someone when they resort to this behavior. And none of it is good. Not at all. How SAD! Indeed! And how sad for anyone who falls into the presence of these someone’s.

Of course we know there are all kinds of people in this world. And when they die, they do not change, they remain the same, only then, they do not have a body and move about trying to fulfill their desire for feeding on fear. What a pity. Mostly for the one feeding, since they haven’t found the power of Love is greater. Although many of us have suffered or are suffering under the hand of these individuals, we still have light and love within us, and perhaps it is not we who they hate and despise, but it is the light that we carry which they hate and despise. It is the fact that we carry such beauty, and they cannot stand to do anything but try and destroy it. Why? because when they see it, they feel horrible about themselves. They see themselves for who they are and they hate us even more. Or maybe the light they see in us makes them hate themselves even more. So yes, it is a pity. But they are NOT to be pitied.

Choice is every persons. Whether alive in body, or living in spirit, or perhaps … dead in spirit. The choice is still theirs, to decide to continue in those habits and attitudes, or to change and become something beautiful themselves. In the end, we know in our hearts what will be … and so do they, so they hate us even more than before, or they hate themselves even more. Eventually though, they will wallow in self-pity. That is all they will be left with.

Hang on beautiful souls. Time is running out for the ones who embrace the dark, who feed on fear. Time will end and a new beginning will be, and darkness will not be present. Hang on beautiful souls, hold on to that which makes you beautiful, and delight in the fact that you are hated, for this makes it plain and very obvious that you are a beautiful light, full of love and goodness. Your heart is flooding over with this and they hate it and wish to squash it and turn it to fear. Stand strong dear ones, you are the backbone of what is good, what is righteous.

The Beatitudes
4Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. 5Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. 6Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.…

I am fortunate to have had that experience at a young age, along with every day full of other experiences which that relationship held. It was my introduction to man, and what is in so many hearts.

Know this, when you withstand, outlast and overcome these trials, you walk away with strength you could not have gained otherwise. Bless them that hurt you and make you suffer. They give you a gift no one else can. And if they knew this, they would hate themselves even more, because they’ve just helped you become powerful. Truly powerful.

Absorb your trials, decide YOU will eat your fear. Do not hide from it. Face it head on and walk straight into it. (Within reason, of course).

I am still shaking from that dream. Not physically, but my insides are shivering, just a little now. Writing this down has helped me.


My dog whines outside. They are both on tethers until the fence is repaired, and they wind themselves around the post, or get wrapped up in the garbage heap the previous tenants left behind. I haven’t been able to clean it due to my accident, but soon I hope will be healed at least somewhat, which will enable me to do so. At least they know I’ll come running when they need me, or hobbling. Sweet babies. Completely off topic ….

Remember your warrior status. You may not wield weapons that maim and kill, you may  wield weapons of another kind. And in your example of strength and courage others gain strength and courage. This is your gift to mankind, it is your responsibility should you choose to manage it. No one can do this job, this task, quite like you. We are all unique in the way we manage our trials, we learn from each other, and over time we build a warehouse of methods and ideas, we gain brothers and sisters, admirers, even if we do not know it.

Thank you for being you. For being strong like no other, and sharing your example with the world. You are a brave soul. I know we cry and sometimes feel defeated … look back on your history though. You are still here, still standing, and still trying to overcome and perhaps you have come a long way from where you once were. And perhaps you have helped another come a long way from where they once were. Bless you.




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