Days plans include loving mother

Published May 28, 2016 by tindertender

New couch coming today.  Mom is here and it is so good to see her.  It’s been one and a half years!

I’m beginning to feel comfortable here in the new house.  It’s coming together and cleaning up nice.


Working on the totem pole, it’s not finished yet.  Today we will paint the kitchen.   Toby is sleeping with grandma.  So cute,  and Snowy is on her bed in the living room.  Sleepy heads,  all of them.

Therapy for the accident starts on the 8th. My car has a Kelly Blue book value of just over 6000 and needs 8500 in repair.  Insurance company will be contacted Tuesday.  It shouldn’t be legal to make me drive a totaled car.

The sun is coming out.  The owner of the house is coming by today.  I bet he’ll be surprised at the changes. This house was filthy,  and still is in a few rooms.  Working on it has slowed due to injury.


Precious baby.  I’d add a picture of Toby and grandma,  but I bet she wouldn’t appreciate that. Haha,  I just checked on them.  Toby was under covers.  He heard me,  came to living room,  then went back to bed.  So funny.

I am going to try to avoid pain medicine today.  It works great,  but sometimes I think it’s easier to hurt oneself further if the pain is masked.  It’s easy to do things that should be avoided for healings sake.  Plus it gives me a headache.

I’ve been awake off and on since midnight.  My mind and body are tired, and my heart aches,  but time continues and the days pass.

I think breakfast will be good this morning. Eggs and bacon,  sorry piggy … I need to buy a toaster.

Or maybe I should just go back to bed …

**UPDATE, 1-29-2018**
I stopped eating meat August 2016. No more bacon for me!


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