The Veil of Deception is Lifting around us

Published April 29, 2016 by tindertender

Do you sense an increase in everything? It will be much easier to take if you remove the blinders and get in the flow of it. Observe those around you, observe your own thoughts and actions. Refine who you are. Make kindness and consideration the core of who you are and you will benefit the world.


A fire is coming. It will burn up all that is no longer necessary. It is wise to take a good look at your heart and make a conscious decision who it is you wish to be with for the rest of time and after time. Life is not a game, it is a lesson. Endure what you experience, grow in strength of mind, be free with the knowledge you gain. Help others to rise above negative experiences.

Yes, choice IS yours. Whether someone holds you down or not, in your heart, you have the silent freedom to think and to be what and who you wish to be. God knows your deepest thoughts and desires. Nothing is hidden. Nothing.

He is coming. Much quicker than you know or perhaps realize.

My hope is that where I am going to land very soon, is exactly where He wants me, to do the greatest good for the people who are around me.

We all have a purpose. We may not know yet what that is, but soon enough it will be made clear. Are we ready to withstand the storm?


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