Step Out Of Misery, Stop Blaming Others

Published February 10, 2016 by tindertender

What others do in their life really has nothing to do with us. Attacking them because we may feel their life, or life activity is unfair to our own, should alert us to a need for stopping and examining our thoughts and mind set.

Truth_8When others go through the steps to gain permissions and go-aheads, it really has no affect on the way we choose to live our life and the way we choose to think or behave.

The life others live, unless it affects us in a harmful personal manner, is none of our business.

An inability to accept others as they are shows an issue with an inability to accept ones self as we are.  Blaming another for our misery will never fix it.

We do not have the right to verbally or physically attack and harm others because we feel our life is inadequate.

We must do the work in our own life. If we want something, we need to ask for it, work for it, strive to achieve whatever goal we seek.

If we choose not to put forth effort for the things we wish in our life, we will not gain anything.

It is no ones fault but our own. Claiming our decisions, our actions and our attitudes is key. If they do not make us happy, we need to change them.

We always have choice. No one can make it for us, and we cannot make choices for others.


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