Embracing New Beginnings

Published January 8, 2016 by tindertender

Here it is, the 8th of January already. I learned that the month has been named after Janus. The below video is a few years old, but interesting, nonetheless.

We have view of the past and the future now (as always). The year holds many opportunities.

Pay attention to the details, this is where the beauty is. Deeper meaning of life is here and the smallest act really counts now.

How do you perceive materiality? Are you too attached to stuff? Now is the time to find value in the intangible, the things you do not see. When we don’t get what we want, we should remember and trust that something better is in store. Compassion toward self and others is very important.

Keep in mind the concept of allowing, of non-attachment. Let go of rigidity and perfectionism. Be easy on yourself and others and watch how smoothly things flow.

I begin this day with a grateful heart. It is Friday, it is payday, I have two days coming that I can relax with family, I have a bright future … we have a bright future.

There are those who foresee much pain, however … there will be a brightness and so much love that follows … keep your focus on this. Regardless of those who cause suffering, goodness will prevail.

Who remains at the end of this will be full of love and gratitude ~ for life, for the earth, for each other.

Be patient, have faith, and trust in this outcome.


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