Nagging, Brutal Grief

Published December 8, 2015 by tindertender

It is so hard to hear a loved one suffer grief. Having been there I know exactly how they feel. Death, an end of a long relationship, sorrow of loneliness, it can be paralyzing.

If you are experiencing this, please know you are not alone. Spirit loves you more than you’ll ever know, more than you can possibly imagine.

When we are in body, we use something like 10% of our capacities of thinking, comprehending and sensing. Spirit on the other hand uses all 100%. Have you heard of the phrase, “Be still and know that I am God.” ? Well, the suggestion is clear … Be still.

When we climb out of our misery, be still, and focus on the love God has for us, we will know without a doubt, we are never alone. He sends a multitude of Angels to watch over us, He send Guardians to guard us, and He send Guides to help show us the way. Pay attention … sit quietly.

When you feel as though the ends of your hair have been gently touched, that is spirit. When you feel a tingling on your physical body, that is touch by spirit. When the hairs stand on your arm and it isn’t cold, spirit is near. When a wonderful song comes on at just the right moment telling you how much you are loved, that is no accident or coincidence … that is spirit.

The signs are many. Listen. Use your senses.

Be still, and know God (as you understand Him to be) is with you, and so are all of those who are with Him.

You are so loved.

We are so loved.

Blessings abound, and we are the recipients of such great devotion. Do not focus on the physical, go within … there is where you’ll find your answers.


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